VI International Prize







August 2008

 Cabra del Santo Cristo (Jaén, Spain)

With an aim of divulging the photographic art and with the desire to pay a homage to the person of Dr. Cerdà y Rico, for the richness of its social work which made known culturally the Sierra Magína and its people, the Town hall of Cabra del Santo Cristo, in collaboration with the cultural association “Arturo Cerdá y Rico” and the society for the rural development of “Sierra Magina” (ADR Sierra Magina) organizes the International Prize "CERDÁ Y RICO" of photography according to the following




1          Participants: all the professional photographers or amateurs who meet the conditions of these rules will be able to take part in the Contest.


2         Subject: tThe technique and the style are free. The subject for the 1st and 2nd Prize can also be freely chosen, however only could aim to the 3rd Prize series of photographs taken in “Sierra Magina” and dealing with any subject that can be identified as characteristic of this region.  Those photographs can also get granted the 1st or the second Prize, if apply according to the Jury decision, but the Prizes are in any case not cumulative.

3          Piece of works. The works which will be presented at the Contest will be a series from three to five photographs which do not necessarily need to be of the same subject. Each participant can present at the maximum two series. The essential condition is that any of the works were not rewarded in other contests for photography. If in a timeframe of 20 days since the prize was granted it is known that this condition is not met, then the Organization is empowered to take away the Prize from the awarded participant, which will be given now to the first finalist meeting that condition.

 4          Forms and identification of the piece of works: The size of the photographs will be free, provided that the largest side does not exceed 40 centimetres.

The photographs will be presented on a passe-partout of 50 X 40 centimetres and, on the back, will have written its sequence number and a common anonymous subject name. It is asked to write all these data with a soft graphite pencil or in adhesive paper.

In a separated letter the following data must be registered: personal data of the author: name and surname, address, telephone, e-mail, photocopy of the identity card or passport; the serial numbers and the title of the series (again), and, for the series aiming to the third prize, this must be specifically written and a brief description or comment about subject treated must be added. Finally, if apply, also the name of the photo institute to which the author belong to and a receipt for the transportation cost payment (see section 11).

5          Deadlines: The reception of the works begins from the date of publication of these rules until June 30th, 2008, 2 p.m. The piece of works will have to be delivered, either personally or by mail, to the “Asociación Cultural Cerdá y Rico” accompanied with a document indicating that the work is explicitly submitted for entry in the International Prize of Photography "CERDÁ Y RICO" contests edition 2008. Works which are received later than this deadline would be only accepted if the shipment was stamped not later than June 30th and the delay is not longer than 7 days.   The results will be communicated to winners by electronic mail or telephone and will be published during the second fortnight of July by various media and on the following web sites , and .


6         Jury: The jury will be composed by five members and will be chaired by the Cabra del Santo Cristo council’s Mayor or a person he designates; the Academic Director of the Price, D.Francisco Fernández Sánchez of the Department of Photography. Faculty BB. AA. of Granada; making function of Secretary D.Julio Arturo Cerda Pugnaire, vice-president of the cultural association  "Cerda y Rico", and like member D. Francisco J Sánchez Montalbán of the Department of Photography. Faculty BB. AA. of Granada. Will also be part of the jury a member to be designated among important personalities of the artistic creativity with proven know-how in the photography area.


7          PRIZES

For this Edition of 2007, the jury will grant the following Prices:  

First Prize, 3000 EURO Medal and an official Diploma, for best photographic series with free subject, technique and style; sponsored by the Office of advisers of Culture of the Parliament of Andalucia. 

Second Prize, 2000 EURO, medal and official Diploma, for second best photographic series with free subject, technique and style; sponsored by the Provincial Delegation of Jaén.  

Third Prize, 1.000 EURO, medal and official Diploma, for the best photographic series with free technique and style and with subject related to the Sierra Magina region (landscape, nature, culture, artistic o monumental heritage, etc.); sponsored by the Town Hall of Cabra del Santo Cristo. 

The medals offered by the cultural society Cerdá y Rico are rated with a value of 600 € each.  They are bronze works with the bas-relief effigy of Arturo Cerdá y Rico, designed and made by the Spanish sculptors Rafael Amadeo Rojas, mounted in an stone holder, with a memorial-plate.

The participants can present works for more than one category but the prizes are not cumulative. The prizes can be declared null if the Jury find that pertinent, also if pertinent they can be subjected to legal tax retentions. In addition, the Jury is authorized to grant honorary mentions or certificates of merit at their discretion. 

The judgement of the Jury is unappealable, with the exception that in the timeframe of 20 days since the prize is granted, it is known that some of the awarded works were previously prized in another contest. If this happen the awarded Prize will be declared void and granted then to the first finalist meeting the contest conditions.

Any participant interested in presenting works aiming to the 3rd Prize can get detailed information for their stay in Sierra Magina (lodging, accommodation,  transports, traditions, festival, etc) by phone calling to in the phone + 34 953/300400 (atn. Pilar) or consulting the web page 

 The winning author must be present at the award ceremony physically or nominating someone who can stand in for him at the place, date and time that will be indicated (first fortnight in August). Participants from countries different than Spain are exempted from this requirement.

The winning photographs will become part of the regional artistic funds and will remain the property of the Town hall of Cabra del Santo Cristo.

The contest results (judgement of the Jury) will be published in different communication media and a copy of the signed contest records will be sent to any participant requesting it. Additionally in the domain will be published all information related to the contest results in a timeframe not longer than 72 hours (including a gallery with all awarded and finalist photographs).

8          EXHIBITION

With an aim of spreading the artistic values of the rewarded piece of works, will be organized an exhibition with the rewarded works, as well with others works that the Jury will choose for this purpose. This public exhibition could be itinerant.

 9        CATALOGUE

Will be build a catalogue in which the finalist works will be reproduced, together with a list of the selected authors, Jury members and including an introduction for specific subjects of the contest. The contest’s organization will send a sample of this catalogue to each participant.

 10      The participation in this Contest implies the acceptance of these rules, and the jury is the exclusive competent authority in the case of eventual litigation.

11       Not winning or non selected works may be returned to the authors or destroyed upon specific author’s request, within a timeframe of 2 months to be counted since September 1st 2008. Piece of works chosen for the exhibition and not rewarded, can be returned only at the end of the exhibition.

The organization will take all due care at the author’s works but cannot be held responsible for any deterioration or loss of some of them during transportation. In case that this unfortunately happen while the works are under the organization’s control, the hired insurance will guarantee the restitution of the material cost of the works.

Costs of works devolution will be split as follows:

·        The contest organization will be responsible for any cost related with the proper packaging of the works, It is recommended in any case that the works are originally shipped in a suitable packaging that can be later reused for their devolution.

·        All devolutions will be made by using the urgent courier MRW (24 hours shipment time), provided that the weight of the shipment is not higher than 5 Kg. Those participant asking the works to be returned after the contest should transfer 6€ to the bank account number 3067-0017-83-2104998626 (Caja Rural de Jaen) and, once confirmed this transference, the organization will proceed with the devolution shipment. This devolution modality applies only to participants with residence in interior Spain or Portugal; participants from other countries are requested to contact the organization to communicate the preferred shipment devolution method.

After the given deadlines, the material property (not the intellectual property) of none destroyed or  unclaimed works will become part of the regional artistic funds and property of the Cabra del Santo Cristo´s  council and the cultural association “Cerda y Rico”, who commit to not make commercial usage of them. In case the works owner does not specify some preference regarding final destiny of his/her works, the contest organization will assume to have author’s agreement to catalogue and file the works.

12       Technical Secretariat


Technical Questions

Reception and Delivery of the works


Julio A. Cerdá.


Tel. +34 619 956 628




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